WASSA 2014
To be held in conjuntion with the EMNLP 2015 Conference
ˇ Venue

European Commission Joint Research Centre



  1. Sentiment Analysis on Monolingual, Multilingual and Code-Switching Twitter Corpora . David Vilares, Miguel A. Alonso and Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

  2. "Beyond Sentiment: Social Psychological Analysis of Political Facebook Comments in Hungary ". Márton Miháltz, Tamás Váradi, István Cserto, Éva Fülöp, Tibor Pólya and Pál Kovágó

  3. "Your Sentiment Precedes You: Using an author's historical tweets to predict sarcasm". Anupam Khattri, Aditya Joshi, Pushpak Bhattacharyya and Mark Carman

  4. "Detecting speculations, contrasts and conditionals in consumer reviews ". Maria Skeppstedt, Teri Schamp-Bjerede, Magnus Sahlgren, Carita Paradis and Andreas Kerren

  5. "How much does word sense disambiguation help in sentiment analysis of micropost data? ". Chiraag Sumanth and Diana Inkpen

  6. "Optimising Agile Social Media Analysis ". Thomas Kober and David Weir

  7. "Mining HEXACO personality traits from Enterprise Social Media". Priyanka Sinha, Lipika Dey, Pabitra Mitra and Anupam Basu

  8. "Classification of deceptive opinions using a low dimensionality representation ". Leticia Cagnina and Paolo Rosso

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