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7th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis


Thursday, June 16, 2016

08:40–09:00Opening Remarks and Intro Talk
08:45–09:00Sentiment Analysis - What are we talking about?
Alexandra Balahur
09:00–10:30Session 1: Sentiment Analysis Perspectives in Social Media
09:00–09:40Sentiment, Subjectivity, and Social Analysis Go ToWork: An Industry View - Invited Talk
Seth Grimes
09:40–10:05Rumor Identification and Belief Investigation on Twitter
Sardar Hamidian and Mona Diab
10:05–10:30Modelling Valence and Arousal in Facebook posts
Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro, H. Andrew Schwartz, Gregory Park, Johannes Eichstaedt, Margaret Kern, Lyle Ungar and Elisabeth Shulman
10:30–11:00Coffee Break
11:00–12:30Session 2: Sentiment Detection for Social Media Applications
11:00–11:40Purity Homophily in Social Networks - Invited Talk
Morteza Dehghani
11:40–12:05Hit Songs’ Sentiments Harness Public Mood & Predict Stock Market
Rachel Harsley, Bhavesh Gupta, Barbara Di Eugenio and Huayi Li
12:05–12:30Fashioning Data - A Social Media Perspective on Fast Fashion Brands
Rupak Chakraborty, Senjuti Kundu and Prakul Agarwal
12:30–14:00Lunch Break
14:00–15:30Session 3: New Approaches in Sentiment Analysis
14:00–14:40Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis - Invited Talk
Richard Socher
14:40–15:05Sentiment Lexicon Creation using Continuous Latent Space and Neural Networks
Pedro Dias Cardoso and Anindya Roy
15:05–15:30The Effect of Negators, Modals, and Degree Adverbs on Sentiment Composition
Svetlana Kiritchenko and Saif Mohammad
15:30–16:00Coffee Break
16:00–17:40Session 4: Overview and Applications of Sentiment Analysis
16:00–16:25How can NLP Tasks Mutually Benefit Sentiment Analysis? A Holistic Approach to Sentiment Analysis
Lingjia Deng and Janyce Wiebe
16:25–16:50An Unsupervised System for Visual Exploration of Twitter Conversations
Derrick Higgins, Michael Heilman, Adrianna Jelesnianska and Keith Ingersoll
16:50–17:10Threat detection in online discussions
Aksel Wester, Lilja Øvrelid, Erik Velldal and Hugo Lewi Hammer
17:10–17:30Classification of comment helpfulness to improve knowledge sharing among medical practitioners.
Pierre André Ménard and Caroline Barrière
18:00–19:30Session 5: Posters
 Political Issue Extraction Model: A Novel Hierarchical Topic Model That Uses Tweets By Political And Non-Political Authors
Aditya Joshi, Pushpak Bhattacharyya and Mark Carman
 Early text classification: a Naïve solution
Hugo Jair Escalante, Manuel Montes y Gomez, Luis Villasenor and Marcelo Luis Errecalde
 Semi-supervised and unsupervised categorization of posts in Web discussion forums using part-of-speech information and minimal features
Krish Perumal and Graeme Hirst
 Linguistic Understanding of Complaints and Praises in User Reviews
Guangyu Zhou and Kavita Ganesan
 Reputation System: Evaluating Reputation among All Good Sellers
Vandana Jha, Savitha R, P Deepa Shenoy and Venugopal K R
 Improve Sentiment Analysis of Citations with Author Modelling
Zheng Ma, Jinseok Nam and Karsten Weihe
 Implicit Aspect Detection in Restaurant Reviews using Cooccurence of Words
Rrubaa Panchendrarajan, Nazick Ahamed, Brunthavan Murugaiah, Prakhash Sivakumar, Surangika Ranathunga and Akila Pemasiri
 Domain Adaptation of Polarity Lexicon combining Term Frequency and Bootstrapping
Salud María Jiménez-Zafra, Maite Martin, M. Dolores Molina González and L. Alfonso Urena Lopez
 Do Enterprises Have Emotions?
Sven Buechel, Udo Hahn, Jan Goldenstein, Sebastian G. M. Händschke and Peter Walgenbach
 A semantic-affective compositional approach for the affective labelling of adjective-noun and noun-noun pairs
Elisavet Palogiannidi, Elias Iosif, Polychronis Koutsakis and Alexandros Potamianos
 Fracking Sarcasm using Neural Network
Aniruddha Ghosh and Dr. Tony Veale
19:30–20:00Closing discussion - "Where do we go from here?"
 An Hymn of an even Deeper Sentiment Analysis
Manfred Klenner
 Sentiment Analysis in Twitter: A SemEval Perspective
Preslav Nakov
 The Challenge of Sentiment Quantification
Fabrizio Sebastiani
 A Practical Guide to Sentiment Annotation: Challenges and Solutions
Saif Mohammad
 Emotions and NLP: Future Directions
Carlo Strapparava