ACL 2014 WASSA 2014
5th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment & Social Media Analysis
To be held in conjuntion with the ACL 2014 Conference

European Commission Joint Research Centre


Dr. Saif Mohammad - National Research Council Canada

Dr. Mohammad is a Research Officer at the National Research Council Canada (NRC). His research interests are in Natural Language Processing, especially Lexical Semantics. He develops computational models for sentiment analysis, emotion detection, semantic distance, and lexical-semantic relations such as word-pair antonymy. His team developed a sentiment analysis system which ranked first in recent SemEval shared tasks on the sentiment analysis of tweets and on aspect-based sentiment analysis. His word--emotion association resource, the NRC Emotion Lexicon, is widely used for text analysis and information visualization. His most recent work on generating music from emotions in text is garnering widespread media attention, including articles in Time, LiveScience, and Popular Science. The title of his talk is "Words: Evaluative, Emotional, Colorful, Musical!"

Dr. Myle Ott - Facebook

Dr. Ott is a Research Scientist at Facebook. He is also a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholar and a graduate of the Early Entrance Program. His work in the area of Opinion Analysis explores how honesty and sentiment are expressed in online social media text, with an emphasis on detecting deceptive opinion spam-fictitious opinions that have been deliberately written to sound authentic, in order to deceive the reader. His work in this area has produced the first publicly available gold standard corpus of deceptive opinion spam, shown the efficacy of training supervised text classifiers to detect deception, and introduced a Bayesian framework for obtaining community-level estimates of the rates of deception in online review portals, e.g., TripAdvisor and Yelp. Tht title of his work is "Linguistic Models of Deceptive Opinion Spam"
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