7th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment & Social Media Analysis
To be held in conjuntion with the NAACL-HLT 2016 Conference

European Commission Joint Research Centre



Dr. Morteza Dehghani - University of Southern California

Purity Homophily in Social Networks

Does sharing moral values encourage people to connect and form communities? The importance of moral homophily (love of same) has been recognized by social scientists, but the types of moral similarities that drive this phenomenon are still unknown. In this talk, I will present a series of experiments (both large-scale, observational social-media analyses and behavioral lab experiments) that investigate which types of moral similarities influence tie formations. Our results indicate that social network processes reflect moral selection, and both online and offline differences in moral purity concerns are particularly predictive of social distance..

Dr. Morteza Dehghani is an Assistant Professor of psychology, computer science and the Brain and Creativity Institute at University of Southern California. His research spans the boundary between psychology and artificial intelligence, as does his education. His work investigates properties of cognition by using documents of the social discourse, such as narratives, social media, transcriptions of speeches and news articles, in conjunction to behavioral studies.

Dr. Seth Grimes - Alta Plana Corporation

Sentiment, Subjectivity, and Social Analysis Go To Work: An Industry View

Affective computing has a commercial side. Numerous products and projects provide sentiment, emotion, and intent extraction capabilities, applied in consumer and financial markets, for healthcare and customer care, and for media, policy, and politics. Academic and industry researchers are naturally interested how sentiment and social technologies are being applied and in commercial market opportunities and trends, in what's being funded, what's falling flat, and what's on business's roadmap. Analyst Seth Grimes will provide an industry overview, surveying companies and applications in the sentiment and social analytics spaces as well as work at the tech giants. He will discuss commercialization strategy and the affective market outlook.

Dr. Seth Grimes is the leading industry analyst covering NLP, text analytics, sentiment analysis, and analysis on the confluence of structured and unstructured data sources. Seth founded Washington DC based Alta Plana Corporation, an information technology strategy consultancy, in 1997. He consults on product design, commercialization strategy, and the competitive market to established technology and solutions companies and startups. Seth created and organizes the industry-focused Sentiment Analysis Symposium and Language Technology-Accelerate conferences and was founding chair of the Text Analytics Summit (2005-13). He writes frequently for trade-press outlets including VentureBeat, KDNuggets, and InformationWeek and for his own Breakthrough Analysis blog. He is on Twitter at @SethGrimes

Dr. Richard Socher - MetaMind

Richard Socher is the CEO and founder of MetaMind, a startup that seeks to improve artificial intelligence and make it widely accessible. He obtained his PhD from Stanford working on deep learning with Chris Manning and Andrew Ng and won the best Stanford CS PhD thesis award. He is interested in developing new AI models that perform well across multiple different tasks in natural language processing and computer vision.

He was awarded the Distinguished Application Paper Award at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2011, the 2011 Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Award, a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship in 2012 and a 2013 "Magic Grant" from the Brown Institute for Media Innovation and the 2014 GigaOM Structure Award.

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